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How to get a Certificate of Origin for Israel


All U.S. goods exported to Israel must be accompanied by a U.S.-Israel Certi cate of Origin signed by the exporter. In order to benefit from the provisions of the U.S.-Israel FTA, a special "US Certificate of Origin for Exporting to Israel" must be presented to Israel Customs.

The certificate will need to be notarized and stamped.

The correct certificate of origin is a hard copy, green color form, with instructions printed on the back page. Apperson Store is the only supplier of the original: http://store.apperson.com/Print-Document-Management/import-export-forms/CERTIFICATE-OF-ORIGIN-ISRAEL_2.html

Apperson sells pads of this form. Some American-Israel Chambers of Commerce sell single forms but they charge $25 + for a single form while Apperson charges $98.50 for a package of 500 forms.

For single forms try any American Israel Chamber of Commerce at: http://www.israeltrade.org/

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Puerto Rico Relief Effort


Hurricane Maria is regarded as the worst natural disaster on record for Puerto Rico.

Given the massive amount of goods being received in Puerto Rico and the logistics surrounding the relief effort EGL Maritime was happy to be of help in shipping of drinking water canned and donated by Escutcheon Brewing in November 2017.

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Coffee Import Guidelines


Coffee shipments into the US involve three government agencies: US Customs & Border Protection (CBP), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

We have created a step by step process with appropriate links in a 4 page pdf. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your free copy.


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Incoterms Reference Guide


Freight incoterms are the standard contract terms used in sales contracts while importing/exporting to define responsibility and liability for shipment of the goods.

In plain English: How far along the process will the supplier ensure that the goods are moved? And at what point does the buyer take over the shipment process?

FOB (Free on Board) & EXW (Ex Works) are the most familiar incoterms but there’s much about these and the other options to learn. These terms can be confusing or easily misunderstood.  Making the wrong choice might turn your shipment into an expensive nightmare.

We at EGL MARITIME have created an easy to understand chart to quickly give you the tools to make the right choice for your next shipment. Please click this link for more details and contact EGL MARITIME for your next international move.

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